Director's Note

Director Engr. Nadeem Malik

It is the immense pride and joy that I INTRODUCE "Metropolitan School & College", our latest foray in the world of education. Metropolitan School & College are structured to embolden and enrich children's schooling experience by giving them the platform to discover their inherent talent and dreams.
With the ever increasing population of Pakistan, there is a niche for afford-able quality education. Franchising offers advantages in terms of curricu-lum, focused advertising, innovative teaching methodologies, manage-ment control systems, and special-ized training. At the core if Metropolitan philoso-phy is the goal to develop students with strong problem-solving and analytical abilities and to equip those with the skill that they need to suc-ceed in their higher education and future careers. Our students should be independent thinkers with the ability to create, innovate and sup-port the economic and social progression of Pakistan. We are work-ing to provide an education system that maximizes student potential and provides equal access to quality education by treating all individuals of our society as capable learners. At Metropolitan School & College you are teaming up with one of the largest, most experienced school systems around. We believe we have the organization, experience and support that lead to suc-cess. Our system is proven, estab-lished and passed the test of time. Thank you for your interest. At Met-ropolitan School & College we never forget that your success in our success.